Strengthening Families


Our Mission


"Helping You Change and Grow" 

   All About Counseling improves the lives of children and families through family counseling
and child play therapy. We believe that a strong family unit provides children with a sense of belonging, a critical sense of value and gives them a vital network for social support.
Ms. Ruscio also works with adolescents who are struggling, along with their family units and helps to improve marriages by offering couples counseling.

   If you are struggling with individual issues such as depression, and relationships, we can help you to change and grow into the individual you have always wanted to become.

What You Can Expect

   Ms. Ruscio uses a cognitive/behavioral approach to therapy, along with family systems theory in working with her clients.

   Ms. Ruscio works with her clients to empower them to start making changes in their lives as soon as the first session.  Ms Ruscio will work with teachers and other professionals as needed, and will assist you with your child/s goals, along with your own personal goals, to work towards a more successful and happier lifestyle.


Family Connections

   To schedule an appointment with Ms. Ruscio, Call 303-464-8105.  She sees clients at her Westminster/Arvada location or her Broomfield office.  Office hours can be scheduled after school and in the evenings, including Saturdays.

   If you have a question or concern on family mental health, or would like to schedule a consultation, please call or e-mail us at: